Internship Programmes
  1. Types of Internship Programmes

We offer two types of Internship Programmes

  1. Summer Internship Programme (between May to July)
  2. Year Round Internship Programme

The objectives of our programmes are to provide an opportunity to the students to:
  1. gain a glimpse / exposure to the practical corporate culture
  2. know the difference between theory and practice
  3. enhance their academic and personal growth
  4. to introduce our company to them
  5. attract top talent for future employment and identify potential resources
  6. offer a promising career in the insurance industry

These programmes are offered to students during or after their bachelor programme or masters programme.


The minimum duration of the programmes is 2 weeks and extending upto 8 weeks.

Other Employment Related Enquiries

Please contact our Human Resources Department on the following:
UAN  :  111-845-111
Email  :